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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Northampton, England - Northamptonshire, GBR )

    In the future I want to make my brend and open my gym. But I don't know how to get started Can you help me? . I want to find someone who can help me started my business and make my dreams come true!

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    View author's info ( 25, Female / Sugar Baby | Romney Marsh, England - Kent, GBR )

    I've worked in retail since I was 16. The first company I worked for I received 4 promotions within 6 years (first promotion was when I turned 18 due to the responsibilities and not being able to have them prior to being 18). I then moved onto a smaller company with a higher position. I was with this company for two years before a bigger company offered me the same position with a higher pay. I worked for this company for 6 months before leaving as their morals and people skills were not what I agreed with. I now work for a lovely French company in the same position but another higher wage who have been so loyal to me especially during COVID-19. I'm a big believer in liking your job and being happy to go there day in day out, so I only ever take an opportunity based off of this, and if it doesn't work out well, I move on.

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Glen Allen, VA, USA )

    Instagram is my main platform (@aishhaaa_) and that's what kicked off my career for the most part. I've been modeling since I was 5, so I'm used to being in the spotlight and I've always known how to act accordingly.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Coral Springs, FL, USA )

    I create content on * as well as Pornhub. I haven't made a whole lot but it really is something im into and trying my hardest to make bank off of. My body is the art and im the dealer, i try very hard because for so long i wasted my time showing unworthy boys it for free.

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    View author's info ( 38, Male / Sugar Daddy | Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia )

    I am a goal oriented person who loves to invest in her own personal development. I am driven, ambitious, with my own sense of identity. I enjoy watching online mentors on personal growth, learning to embrace your unique self, being elegant yet driven in today's society.

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    View author's info ( 28, Female / Sugar Baby | London, England - London, GBR )

    I am so motivated and want the best out of life. I am determined to get where I want to be and live a happy life with a happy companion. I want the best from the world. I will do what it takes to get what I want and win.

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Phoenix, AZ, USA )

    I want to have my own bakery one day. And Call it Sweet and Tasty..................................................................................,........,....,.......,......,......,...........,.,.

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    View author's info ( 36, Female / Sugar Baby | Tampa, FL, USA )

    I'm well educated in my career and I have extreme passion for it. Practice makes perfect :) I'm wonderful with clients and customer service. I know how to make people feel good about themselves. I know what people want.

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    View author's info ( 37, Female / Sugar Baby | Elmira, NY, USA )

    I tried the stay at home mom life. It wasn't for me. I'm now in college full time. My job will never give me all the m&ney I want but I enjoy making a difference in the world. I think having a growth mindset is what sets apart those that have not and those that have.

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    View author's info ( 39, Female / Sugar Baby | Pennsauken, NJ, USA )

    I am 3 years away from retirement! I started my career at a very young age and I cannot wait to retire and enjoy the rest of my life doing the things I love with a very special person by my side. Are you up for the challenge?!

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    View author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | San Antonio, TX, USA )

    I'm still working on it, my goal is to be a marine biologist. As of right now, I am an Assistant Secretary. My main tactic for success is just being sweet and sociable, being nice to people does not really take much effort and often gets the best results. I'm also very driven and stop at nothing to get what I want.

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    View author's info ( 47, Male / Sugar Daddy | Brisbane, Queensland, Australia )

    I was a multi state championship motor racing winner and competitor aged 14 years old through to 23 years old. Then working up to an executive of a large motor dealer group for 26 years. Investment properties enable me to enjoy what i do today

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    View author's info ( 54, Male / Sugar Daddy | Mattawa, WA, USA )

    The difference between a millionaire and a poor man is how he or she spends every minute of everyday.. creation or abundance is a decision.. You can have anything you want if you decide.. do you know what that is.. its an interesting conversation.

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    View author's info ( 40, Male / Sugar Daddy | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia )

    Passion, long hours and thinking outside the box For me it's all about solving a problem People think the share and fx markets aren't solvable so that's what I set out to do I worked in the industry but ultimately had to go out on my own to do it 'my way' Your business is sugar and I've helped a few SB's so that could also be you!

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    View author's info ( 25, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, DC, USA )

    Four years of research and studying. Nearly a year of training and continuing qualifications. And now I am in a career that embodies some of the things I admire most about this planet and the world it is made of.

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