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  • View author's info ( 38, Female / Sugar Baby | Glasgow, Scotland - Lanarkshrie, GBR )

    anything of your choice as i am easily pleased xx suggestion of your approval x

  • View author's info ( 55, Male / Sugar Daddy | Regina, SK, CAN )

    dinner, swim, hot tub, steam shower, darts, wine

  • View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Glen Burnie, MD, USA )

    I would love to go out on the town and walk around.

  • View author's info ( 19, Female / Sugar Baby | Los Angeles, CA, USA )

    I actually love the beach when it's time to wind down and clear my mind. As for a fun night with a new flame, I'd be interested in anything that will surprise me or makes me feel more spontaneous! What would you have in...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Tacoma, WA, USA )

    I've always been the late night, random adventure type of person. Whether it be playing a game of two person hide and seek at a playground or just looking at the stars! but being a college student, i don't have much time...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 30, Female / Sugar Baby | Little Rock, AR, USA )

    Does a group date playing pool tickle your pickle? No pressure. Just a night of friendly competition and no awkwardness.

  • View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Valdosta, GA, USA )

    A cute first date would be going out on a cold winter night with a blanket and a truck and lay on the back of the truck and watch the stars and talk.

  • View author's info ( 36, Female / Sugar Baby | Eugene, OR, USA )

    My first date idea, is to do whatever my date wants to do. On our first date.

  • View author's info ( 31, Female / Sugar Baby | Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia )

    Fast, rough, dirty and kinky. No fussy, no expectations, 1 hr, exchange

  • View author's info ( 40, Female / Sugar Baby | Providence, RI, USA )

    We'll hold on it's not as lame as u think first we would go to this spunky lil bar I know in there for a drink or two then we would go to the movie theatre in stadium it serves dinner and liqueur to you on couch style re...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Sacramento, CA, USA )

    Definitely some sort of partying or going out for a drink.

  • View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Guildford, England - Surrey, GBR )

    My first date idea will always be going for a coffee or an early evening drink. If I feel like there is a connection; I then enjoy a quiet fine dining experience and to end the evening looking out on a beautiful viewpoin...  see more >>

  • View author's info ( 43, Male / Sugar Daddy | Adelaide, South Australia, Australia )

    Simply could be anything random, but a dinner and walk along beach and 😜 would be a start!

  • View author's info ( 47, Female / Sugar Baby | Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia )

    meet at a hotel start from there

  • View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Ottawa, ON, CAN )

    Looking for nothing serious, so really anything you and I would be comfortable with.

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